21 May, 2008

Our. Helping Hands in Reconsturction, rebuilding...

Last weekend, our collaborative team visited to the range of villages in Dadeye township beside the TOE rivers, which are drastically affected by Nargis. We've planned to do in such area not only for relief purpose but also for rebuilding their house.

Our team is now preparing to donate the following villages

1. Chaung Gyi Village, Dedaye Township (350 households, population: 500)
2. Hle Seit Village, Dedaye Township (150 households left after Nargis)
3. Late Kyun Village, Dedaye Township (120 households left after Nargis out of 1000)

Our survey team reported that they needs Rice, salt, Drinking Water, Tarpaulin, Wire, needed accessoires for rebuilding.

We are planning to procure those items to distribute there. In addition, we also would like to drainage and clean the village water pond, the only water resource of Chaung Gyi Village and other 3 small villages near by it which was contaminated by Nargis.

We also have a plan to donate some clothing in Than Phat Village, Dedaye Township.

Funds for above projects are especially raised by the colleagues from "The Global Fund" getting through by cyclonerelief.wordpress.com

We'll update information more...

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